Creating a Saved Search for New Clients

After accepting a new lead you review the client’s web activity in LeadStreet and set the client up with a Saved Search.  Your clients will automatically receive updated listing information via email.  Emails include all new listings, price changes, and photo or listing description updates. 

1.      Login to LeadStreet and click on the Clients Tab

2.  You’ll find new clients and clients with recent activity in the bottom section of the Clients Main Tab in the box labeled Recent Client Web Activity — Last 14 Days *

3.      Click on the View link located on the right of the clients name to open the Profile Tab

4.      Click on the Web Activity Tab

5.      Review the clients web activity noting cities searched, property type and price range

6.      Next click on the View My Home Finders link located in the upper right corner of the Web Activity page.  This will take you to the clients home finders account.  The clients Dashboard opens showing client information including any searched the client saved and favorite properties.

7.      Click on the Property Search Tab located top left corner of the Dashboard page.

8.      Enter the city name, property type and price range based on the client’s web activity.  To create a Saved Search for more than one city, county or other property details review the Advanced Search instructions posted below.

9.      Click on the Search button to run the search and confirm the search is working.

10.   Next click on the Save Search button located on the right below the map

11.   Give the search a name – usually the city or clients name

12.   Click on the email me updates for this search check box – located under New Listing Email Notification

13.   Check the button next to the email frequency; usually 3 times a week is the best option

14.   Click on Save This Search button

You can edit the email frequency or turn the search off in LeadStreet under the Clients Tab then Web Activity Tab. 

Using the Advanced Search Tab

To setup an Advanced Search for multiple cities, counties, communities or detailed property descriptions (Lake Front, Beach Front, Adult Community, etc.) follow these instructions.

1.      Follow steps 1 – 6 above then for step 7 click on the Advanced Search Tab

2.      Click on the link next to the primary MLS based on the city or cities your client is searching

3.      Click on the City Tab to select multiple cities for your search

4.      Click on the Detailed Criteria to view the available options

5.      You’ll also find a County link under the Detailed Criteria Tab to search an entire county

6.      Enter price range and click on Search button to run the search

Review the results and then click on Save Search button and continue with steps 11 – 14 above