Often the first step in selling your home is making sure it's ready for the market in the first place. Some
sellers rush a home onto the market without properly preparing it for the public. By considering early on
improvements that you may need to make, you can save yourself future headaches.

The amount and kind of work that you should do depends largely on the price you intend to ask, the time you have
to sell, and the current condition of the house. If your house is in good condition and you're pressed for time, do
the small things that can make a big cosmetic difference. New paint, re-grouted tile in the bathroom and kitchen,
new carpet in the major traffic areas-these are the kinds of things that can be relatively inexpensive for you yet
important to potential buyers.

As far as major projects are concerned, avoid making improvements that may come down to a matter of taste. For
instance, most buyers will appreciate newly tiled bathroom floors or brand new professional roofing, but not all
buyers will be swayed by an expensive swimming pool in the back yard. Make sure that the investment in time and
money you make for any project will be recouped in the sale of your house.

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